Grey days and a red hat

Since the last post the days have got even more autumnal. We woke up to a fog covered city this morning which didn’t look promising but it did burn off and we’ve actually had proper sunshine for the first time this week. It’s definitely colder though.

Over the last two knit nights I crocheted a hot water bottle cover which is now in use. Mostly because I’m always ridiculously cold when I go to bed. It is my own design based off a crochet sock pattern for the beginning and a baby blanket pattern for the top edging. It;s made of Patons UK Wool Blend Aran – it took most of the 100g ball and then half a meter of 10mm ribbon to go around the top to hold it on.

At home I’ve been working on my Snapdragon Tam that I mentioned in the last post. I have one final increase row to go (it’s the next row and then it all gets smaller and smaller into the centre. That’ll be good as I’m working on double points rather than the suggested 16″ circular and have to a little careful about not losing stitches off the end. I’m loving the colour and the wool is really nice to work with too. It’s King Cole merino blend which is 100% wool, superwash and antitickle. This is colour cranberry but isn’t particularly well represented in this photo.

I’m starting a new project at tonight’s knit night – a present so it will remain a secret for a while yet. I have a few other presents to work on before Christmas too so my posts are likely to be light on knitting/crochet pictures for a while. I’ll be getting started on making Christmas cards soon too – handmaking them all and having to post well before Christmas to get them around the world does mean planning well ahead.

I’ve just finished reading Terry Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals which is rather good. I haven’t read any of his for a while now (and I don’t think I’ve ever really read them in the appropriate order) but they’re very good just to pick and read. The only complaint I have is he doesn’t break the books into chapters and I often end up staying up later than I mean to as I read right past the good stopping points.

Right enough going on – hopefully next time I post I’ll have finished my tam. Of course then I’ll be on to the matching mitts – also with a bunch of cabling.


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