The arrival of autumn and a finished cardigan

Well I guess the most exciting thing to happen is that I finished my first knitted cardigan last night. The pattern is Ivy by Glenna C. I’ve written lots more in the notes on my ravelry page here. The best news of course is that it fits and I like it. The pictures aren’t great, self portraits in the spare room mirror.
I’ve just got started on my next project (only two rounds so far) Ysolda Teague’s Snapdragon Tam. I think this may prove too ambitious to take to knit nights so I am planning to make a crocheted hot water bottle cover and then work on my poor second lace sock which has been languishing forlornly for the last month while i concentrated on finishing Ivy.

I’ve been trying to keep up with regular walking and other exercise and doing reasonably well at the regular if not everyday. Last week was a bit poor what with a cold and then the first day I did venture out a bee sting and then when I thought the worst was all over hit by a major headache/possible migraine. Not a good week in the health stakes. Hopefully it means that I shan’t have anything go wrong for the next 6 months 🙂

My husband gave the baby blanket I made for a couple of his workmates to them last week – including a card which I failed to take a photo of but was a rather sweet quilled pram in a colour that matched the ribbon on the blanket. Usually when I give gifts I feel lucky to get a personal thank you (and this is all I’d expect really) but this time we received a thank you card, some chocolates and a lovely bunch of flowers including these irises which have since blossomed wonderfully.


They’re sitting on the dining table and really brighten the room which, now that we seem to be in autumn proper, could do with a bit of brightening.


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