Sunshine and organisation

We’ve somehow managed to have sunshine everyday this week. I’ve been out walking everyday (5 in a row now) and it actually kind of feels like summer. A pity it’s technically now autumn.
I have been working on presents for upcoming birthdays and Christmas this week and so I don’t want to put any pictures up to show them off until they’ve been gifted. It has been a successful week though. I’ve gone back to making daily lists and so I’m getting things done. I also starting taking multivitamins with Iron again (my last batch ran out a month or so ago) which seems to be having a positive effect on my energy levels.
I cleared out my stash drawer today – before it was all in different bags, and there were old scraps floating around and I could never find my needles (I must work out a proper organiser for those), and now everything fits in nice and neatly. I must get working on some more projects though to make room for new stuff.
I also moved the old TV from our bedroom – it got put in there when we got the new one in the lounge last Christmas but it never got reception, it’s now in the bottom of the spare wardrobe. There’s now a lot more room on top of the drawers so I tidied that up too and put away all the miscellaneous jewellery on my bedside cabinet. In the process of tidying I found a bunch of random coins so on my walk today I picked up some containers to keep our random worldwide money in (my husband keeps bringing it back from work trips), that’s all sorted now but I need another three containers for it all to be tidy.

Tomorrow’s list includes cleaning up my desk in the spare room – the drawers are a complete mess – and then making cards for upcoming birthdays. I might make a trip to the paper-craft store as my walk tomorrow, I definitely need some stamp ink and I’m sure I could find other things too.

We found out earlier this evening that our old home town in New Zealand experienced a major earthquake a few hours ago. I’ve rung Mum and Dad who are a bit further north (and didn’t feel a thing) and it seems like there is a lot of property and utilities damage. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the news for a wee while yet.


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