Hmmm, a bit of a gap there

So I haven’t posted for a while – I don’t really have an excuse either.
Part of why I forget to post is that I’m bad at remembering to take pictures and feel that a blog kind of needs pictures but mostly I’ve just been unmotivated for the last wee while.

I’ve been up to various things though.
The UK knit camp was held here in Stirling a few weeks back. I ended up volunteering and spent a lot of time there. It was great fun to meet/see so many knitters gathered in one place. Plus the marketplace was awesome – I bought a few special balls of yarn plus some to make a new hat and gloves for winter (I hope to start these soon). I ended up in a couple of classes (taken by Liz Lovick) on making and designing lace shawls. I’ve just got to end of the main section of the one I designed so I’ve now got to decide what to do as a border and edging on it.

I’ve been working on a wrap cardigan Ivy

I’ve finished the back and the first front, I’ve just barely started the second front – the 6 inches of ribbing I’m finding quite slow but I really like the way it looks so far.

Last week I made a baby blanket for a workmate of DH. I also made a wee headband with a rose for my niece who’s second birthday is almost here. I can’t quite believe she’s two already.

I haven’t been doing much exciting cooking lately. DH is on a serious diet at the moment (which does appear to working) but it means keeping snacky foods out of the house and being careful with what I make for dinners too. I did make afghans this afternoon though but will have to keep them out of sight so that don’t get gobbled.

I’ve been a bit lax lately in getting exercise – a rainy August hasn’t helped but I have a goal of getting a walk in everyday (currently two days in a row) – I’ll let you know how I get on.

Right time to go and look at some lace patterns then finish the soup for dinner (Sophie Dahl’s Roasted Tomato and Thyme) before going to Knit and Natter tonight.


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